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Industrial projects

A sustainable solution with the environment and great adaptability to the most demanding client’s needs.

A unique style for your business. Your custom-made stand inspired in the food trucks everybody knows.

Intrusion, CCTV, PCI, electricity, telecoms, gas, photovoltaic, air handler, ventilation, structures, carpentry, sports tracks, etc.

Smart warehouses, design and production of scorecards and management, tools for industrial processes, maintenance of industrial processes and adaptation of machinery to safety regulations.

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•  Integration in the technical teams of our clients.
•  Cover the maximum number of sectors that guarantee the continuity of commercial activity, a large client portfolio, and sales synergies.
•  More than 2000 consolidated and potential clients currently in different sectors or markets.
•  Main objetive: to cover 100% of the national market.
•  Consolidation of the international marketing action.

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